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About Harah


Maria Smirlis and her family have been product developers and manufacturers in the fashion industry for 5 generations in Europe and for the past sxty years in Australia.

After completing a formal design education Maria Smirlis began her career working as a pattern maker grader for the MGT group of companies and has been employed over the past twenty years by leading corporations such as Holeproof , Clarks ,Pacific brands,Hush Puppies and most recently Country Road for 6 years up until January 2006.

Maria Smirlis has performed various roles in design and product development throughout her career and at Country Road as a senior footwear and accessories technologist.

As a young girl whilst still attending primary school Maria showed a keen interest in fashion and commenced designing and manufacturing in her mothers and fathers factory after school and on weekends.

From thirteen years of age Maria established her own clientele making eclectic designs of her own for rock bands , small retailers and local community fashion shows and also held her own shows in Australia at prominent venues throughout Melbourne and Sydney.

Even though the H A R A H name was established in Melbourne  Australia in early 2005 the hand made limited addition and the one off products have been available to an existing client base for several years prior.

In recent years HARAH DESIGNS has successfully offered a design and  made to measure service which has a three working day turnaround once measurments have been recieved.

H A R A H designs is always in touch with current fashion trends in London, Paris,
Milan, Tokyo, NewYork and with an added individual edge creates a unique product.

All H A R A H products are designed by Ms Smirlis and all manufacturing is controlled and supervised by the same in Australia.